How to Replace Toxic Employees and Hire Good People

Hire Good People

You’ve tried to manage your toxic employee and after some serious consideration, you decided to let them go. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s next? How do I hire good people? Read these six tips on how to hire good people and keep them.

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HR and managers should be talking to each other constantly.
Managers know what needs to be done. HR knows how to find the right people to do it. 

Hire Good People1. Work Together

Before blasting your job posting on sites like LinkedIn and, be sure HR understands your business and what your managers and team leads need. HR and managers should be talking to each other constantly. Managers are the only ones who can give real insight into what needs to be done and when. If you can, have HR sit in on business meetings so they can really get the feel for what your company does and the people it should hire.

Just because the person you’re interviewing might be a good buddy to BBQ with doesn’t mean they’ll work well with you.

2. Focus on Diversity

Many companies today base their hiring decisions on culture. It’s easy to see why. They want people who fit in with the rest of the team. Just because the person your interviewing might be a good buddy to BBQ with does not mean they’ll work well with you – or vice versa.

A classic example of this is Netflix’s Anthony Park 

Anthony Park worked in a bank in Arizona as a programmer. He was a conservative guy who didn’t have the Silicon Valley look, but he had the Silicon Valley skills. During his downtime, he developed software for fun and made a Netflix-enhancing app.

Netflix had been wanting an app like just like that and decided to reach out to Park. After a packed day of interviews, everyone realized that while he might not act like the typical software developer, he could work like one.

In addition to bringing in unique talents Netflix needed, he also brought in unique ideas. The recruiter who hired him on was sitting in a meeting where everyone was tossing around ideas. The room got quiet and Anthony suggested an idea that was a real game changer. This shocked the recruiter because Anthony rarely spoke up. He’s now vice president of the company.

This is why it’s so important to focus on diversity. If Netflix had stuck to hiring the same type of person they would never have gotten the innovative solutions they needed.

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3. Look For People Eager to Fix Your ProblemsHire good people

One of the main reasons Anthony Park worked so well was that he loved developing software, which Netflix needed. If you want to find your own Anthony Park, look for the people who love to solve the problems you’re having.

Take recruiting, for example.

If you need to hire good people for HR, don’t go with candidates who say the generic, “I love people.” Instead, go with candidates who live for people’s career paths and want to genuinely help others find their passion.

Stock questions beget stock answers.

4. Ask About Failures Hire Good People

Try to avoid stock interview questions. Stock questions beget stock answers.

Does the classic “What’s your greatest weakness?” question really let you know what a candidate’s weakness is?

Or does it gives them the chance to rattle off the same autopilot response?

Instead, ask about a time they failed at something.

How a candidate responds tells you a lot about how’ll respond to mistakes in the future.

Did they take responsibility for the failure and explain what they learned? Or did they blame someone else to make themselves look good?

Another practice to avoid is the Impossible Trick Question.

The Impossible question is like those trick questions you heard as a kid.

Trick Question: Is the Sky Blue?
Trick Answer: No, the sky has no feelings.

Instead of being silly, Impossible Questions are industry-related with answers only you know. It sounds like a good way to spot great candidates. If they’re knowledgeable about their field, they should be able to see past the “trick” to find the answer, right?  Yet all those questions do is shake a candidate’s confidence for the rest of the interview. If you already know the answer, don’t ask. You’re looking to hire good people who can solve your problems. Not fix what you already fixed.

 5. Always Be Recruiting

Even if you don’t have any job openings, it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout. By always recruiting and staying in touch with who you found, you’ll have a backlog of people ready to interview when you need them. If they’ve found work in the interim they might have friends and colleagues who are just as passionate about the work as they are.

Your employee could be happy with their job in every other way, but if another company is willing to pay them more, they may leave. 

6. Compensation is Key

Hire Good PeopleYou’ve done it! Your recruiters and managers worked together and found one of the best employees you’ve ever had. So how do you keep them? By compensating them what they’re worth. Your employee could be happy with their job in every other way, but if another company is willing to pay them more, they may leave.

A former recruiter for Netflix Patty McCord has sound experience in this situation. One of their “Day One” engineers were being recruited by Google. His manager wanted to match the offer but Patty was reluctant. Why let Google set the pay-scale?

Then she asked herself one super important question: Does this engineer have experience and qualifications no one else has? The answer was a resounding yes. She ran some numbers and found that not only could she boots his income, she could double the income of his team as well. While it seems scary and unfair to some, it’s always better to compensate the rare skills your employees have before some other company does.

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