Training and Development Programs

Effective training and development programs are often the key to transforming your employees and your business into a profitable enterprise. Increasing a company’s productivity and efficiency starts with the owner, but needs to come down through to the employees to truly be successful. Having a successful training and development program in place ensures maximum results.

Doug Winnie is an award-winning business coach, business accelerator, and team trainer in Houston, TX. In addition to doubling and even tripling small businesses and franchise businesses, Doug has trained over 200 business coaches for the ActionCOACH franchise. His knowledge, skills and experience in public speaking, training and development programs truly set him apart.

Leadership Training and Development Programs Houston

Leadership Training

Leadership training can take many forms and hold many benefits for your business. Providing management training, organizational leadership training, and even project management training all serve to make the flow of work within your company more efficient. Building leadership skills throughout your team is essential in providing effective leadership that delivers results.

  • Management Training – Focuses on improving the leadership skills of your management team, to allow them to become more effective managers. Management training emphasizes techniques that improve team work, communications, and relationship building within your team.
  • Organizational Leadership – Focuses on both individual and group relationships within your organization. Every role has the power to be a leader within your company. Organizational leadership focuses on creating a structure that empowers team members within their role.
  • Project Management Training – Focuses on establishing or improving a project management training system. The way your leadership team manages work flow contributes directly to your company’s ability to deliver on their promises and compete in the marketplace.

Team Building Training and Development Programs Houston

Team Building Training

Team building training goes beyond organizational leadership, as it looks deeper into the relationship between individuals. By utilizing personality profiles and tests, team building training provides a deep level of insight on how your team members should best interact with one another. Once identified, differences can be turned into assets, and similarities made into systems.

From communication to delivery, and work styles to collaboration, team building training puts together a plan for building a high performing team, based on the people already in your company. Best of all, team building training can be used to identify potential hiring opportunities within the team based on needed personality types.

Sales Training and Development Programs HoustonSales Training

Sales training is by far the most popular training we provide. Our sales training system focuses on three primary aspects; presentation training, negotiation training, and sales techniques.

  • Presentation Training – By focusing on presentation training, we empower our sales people to present our products and services confidently. Whether one on one, or in front of 500+ people, they learn how to read their audience and adapt their presentation. Additionally, by learning how to ask strategic questions and listen for answers, we learn to speak in the language of our customers.
  • Negotiation Training – The most common fear people have when selling (after public speaking), is negotiating. Negotiation training enables your salesmen and women to understand the psychology of negotiation, and use it effectively. An effective negotiator is actually doing both parties a great service: one, providing a valuable product or service; and two, ensuring fair compensation for development and delivery of that product or service.
  • Sales Techniques – No sales training system would be complete without an awareness of sales techniques. Whether reviewing sales techniques for seasoned sellers, or providing an in depth sales training for a new recruit, everyone has something to learn. For some its learning to listen. For others its body language. Still others benefit from opening scripts, or role playing how to close the sale. We tailor our sales training to the unique needs of your team.

Training and Development Programs Houston

Training and Development Programs Designed for You

Not sure what kind of training and development program would provide the biggest benefit for your team? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to use your own company data and employee feedback to design a training or development program that is right for your brand or business.

If you think your team might benefit from leadership training, team building training, or sales training, don’t hesitate to contact Business Coach Doug Winnie for a free consultation. You can leave us a message online, or call us at your convenience. (713) 936-3814

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