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You did it! After much consulting, you’ve let go of a toxic employee and hired a stellar replacement. Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s the best way to train them?” Well, look no further. Here are 7 business coach tips on how to train your new employee.

Do You Need Training Advice?

Think back to your first days. Was there anything you wished was done differently? If so, do it!

Business Coach Tip 1: Ask Questionsbusiness coach

If you own a  business that’s growing quickly, often times you’re so happy to have more people on board that you’ll forget to mention/do something important. Don’t sweat it. All great companies have these types of road bumps when they first get started. That’s why it’s so important to get feedback from people you’ve hired in the past.

Did your training prepare them for the role or did it make them feel nervous? Were they given so much information that they couldn’t process it? Or was there information they wished they were told?

If your company is more established or you’ve been in your role a while, you might forget what it was like on your first week. Think back to your first days. Was there anything you wished was done differently? If so, do it!

Want More Free Time?

Show them all the little places you wish you knew about when you were first hired.

Business Coach Tip 2: Give a Tour

All the little areas you use daily can seem as far as France to your new hire. And they may be so nervous they’ll forget to ask where the coffee station is.

Give a tour. Show them all the important places like the kitchen, the bathrooms, where the coffee is. All the little things you wish you knew about when you were first hired, show them. It will save them days of poking around.

The best part? They won’t feel pressed to memorize all the names because they’ll have something to refer to.

business coach Business Coach Tip 3: Cheat Sheets

Do you remember all the people you had to meet on your first day? It’s a wonder you could recite your own name afterward. Give your new hire a cheat sheet of all the important contacts and people they need to know. You could also include little bits of trivia and common interests they share to enhance their chances of remembering everyone.

The best part about this is that they won’t feel pressed to memorize all the names because they’ll have something to refer to.

Do You Want to be More Productive?

Setting up 2-3 cafeteria lunch dates helps them acclimate to their coworkers. 

Business Coach Tip 4: Lunch Datesbusiness coach

This one seems a little silly, but it’s one that could really ease your new hire into the company. Do you remember what it was like on your first day? Did you find people to eat lunch with? Or did you eat alone? By setting up 2-3 lunch dates their first week you’re not only helping them learn about/meet their new team members, but they’ll also get great insight into the company.

You could even plan some after-hours drinks at a local bar a few weeks in so they can socialize with their team members in a relaxed setting.

Give resources, but don’t overwhelm.

Business Coach Tip 5: Resourcesbusiness coach

It might seem daunting to have old newsletters and other role-related resources to flip through, but these references could really help your new hire acclimate to their new role and what it entails. They might notice that your company does something in a particular way, or has a particular focus they should keep in mind.

Just be sure not to overwhelm them with too much or else they’ll feel stressed, something you don’t want them to feel on their first day.

Pay for courses that have helped you. 

business coach Business Coach Tip 6: Pay for Courses

Offer to pay for certifications or courses that have helped you in the past. There’s a reason the classes worked so well for you, they’re designed to! Business Coach Doug Winnie has several training and development courses that will benefit not only your new employee, but everyone else on your team as well.

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Remind them it’s okay to not quite master things on day one. 

Business Coach Tip 7: Answer coach

Have you ever felt like you’re taking too long to learn something? Did it make you feel nervous, like you may never do as well as your co-workers? It’s not a great feeling. And the more you dwell on it, the more you second guess yourself which only makes things worse.

This is why it’s so important to remind your new hire that things take time. Give them a ballpark estimate of when certain job tasks might get easier and give them tips to help along the way. You should also set clear goals on when things should be done so they know what to expect.

On the same note, let them know you’re available for questions. Noting stresses out people more than thinking they have to figure out something on their own. Knowing they have someone to turn to will ease their mind and give them the confidence they need to tackle their new role.

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