The Value of a Business Coach

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What is business coaching?

If you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, then walk with others.

This adage continues to resonate from generation to generation and carries with it profound truths, the kernel of what business coaching is all about.

So what is business coaching?

The etymology of the word “coach” begins from a Hungarian term, kosci, which means “carriage.” In 1830, the word was used in the halls of Oxford to denote a trainer who carries a student through an examination. In much the same way, a business coach carries you through the process of building and nurturing your business to ensure its success and growth.

The word “coach” denotes an individual who guides and advises another, so business coaching is guiding a business owner through building and improving their business and profits! A business coach helps you map out clear goals and strategies for success.

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The Value of Business Coaching

Business coaching is all about providing guidance and support to enable a business to thrive and grow, so here are 5 reasons why a business coach is so valuable for any business:


Accountability is pivotal in achieving the goals that you have set for yourself and your business. Isn’t it amusing how easy it is to break promises we make to ourselves but quite challenging to do so when we involve another person?

A business coach is an accountability partner that nudges you with business targets and reminders of what your business is working towards. Business coaching does not afford you the luxury of giving up on your goals just because you are too tired or because it is “too hard.” You’re in it for the long haul, and your business coach is at your side, working hard to help you make it happen.


A business coach is an accountability partner.


Business coaching rouses a business executive or owner to take full responsibility for successes and failures. A business coach encourages a business owner to forgo shifting blame on individuals, departments and circumstances alike. A professional coach comes in to help you evaluate your past mistakes and forge a robust strategy to succeed in the future.

Taking responsibility is the first step in mitigating a problem. It is prudent to introspect and highlight areas that need improvement. Business coaching avails professionals who have the insight to analyze business environments and scenarios and help business owners put in place structures that can weather any external tension.

Houston business coaching also encourages business owners to celebrate their victories, big or small. To maintain the morale of staff and a business owner, positive reinforcement is key. Admitting your mistakes and celebrating your victories is the cornerstone of a holistic business enterprise.

Client Stories:

Many business owners get better at the hiring and training process once they begin to understand that bad employees are really their responsibility.

business coachA Different, Eye-Opening Perspective

A business coach can highlight any areas you may be overlooking in your business so that you can fix them. That outside perspective is extremely eye-opening and truly helpful when building a business, especially when your business coach is a successful entrepreneur with a track record of building and selling multimillion dollar companies.

A business coach has the expertise to analyze every aspect of your business and point out areas that should be worked on and improved.

Gaining a different perspective on the health of your business could be significant groundwork towards rebranding and a culture shift that improves profits and streamlines operations in your business.

Moreover, business coaching will challenge you to think outside of the box and stretch your goals.

Business coaching helps you explore the edges of a seemingly tumultuous market with profitable returns. A coach gives you a gentle nudge in the right direction so that your business can blossom!

Client Stories:

One particular client kept getting caught up in the emotion of the business. It was only when Doug provided the outside perspective that the business owner was able to get past the emotion and make the right decisions for their business.

Vision Building

Houston Business Coaching adds value to your business by providing a professional brainstorming partner. The adage dictates that two heads are better than one. The collective power of more comes second to none.

A business coach helps a business owner harness ideas through brainstorming. This helps a business evaluate what your business could be or do. Business coaching highlights novel profitable markets and how you can nurture your business to exploit this market.

A business coach is your professional brainstorming partner.

Business coaching offers invaluable business advice through providing professional counsel. Moreover, a business coach suspends all judgment, is not rash to opine and is solely dedicated to understanding your business and values to propel you towards your goals.

Client Stories:

Several of Doug Winnie’s clients have shifted from wanting a successful business to wanting to have a business that is franchised. This requires a new vision for the business owner and for the business overall.

Improved Hiring & Retention

Communication is at the core of sustaining highly motivated staff. Business coaching helps a business owner vocalize the business goals, targets and values. An informed workforce promotes teamwork and builds a robust working force that delivers on time.

Business coaching helps business owners build their emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is crucial in dealing with employees and clients. Coaching also helps businesses create the right structures to reward and penalize staff.

A happy staff will stay motivated and the business will experience less employee turnover.

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