Is There Light at the End of the Small Business Tunnel?

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Lost in the Darkness

If you’ve ever struggled as a business owner, there may be days, weeks, months, or even years, where the future looks dark. Balancing the books is a form of torture. Hiring good employees is like pulling teeth. And you won’t even think about firing that bad apple–it might send all the good apples tumbling down behind it.

Luckily, as all of the experts will tell you, there is a light at the end of the small business tunnel. You cannot hem, you cannot haw, you must move further down the tunnel. In fact, there might not even be time to say a prayer, if you’re already sliding backward in the face of bad luck or, worse, self-sabotage.

Finding the light at the end of this narrow tunnel, however, requires movement in the right direction. And if you are standing there in the dark, wondering if there is a light, chances are that you are lost. Whether you walk or run, there is a 95% chance that you will run into a wall, or worse, move back the way you came.

The Magic Compass

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reach down into your pocket and pull out a magic compass that would point you towards the light? Wouldn’t it be even greater if, in addition to your compass, a seasoned guide suddenly appeared to lead you through the twisting, turning tunnel?

This storybook imagery is all fine and well, but reality is not so straight forward mythical or clear cut. The real solution is not so easy as a magic compass and unexpected guide. In fact, in the midst of brooding about how to save your business, you may actually be bombarded by advertisements for magic compasses and veteran leadership. Which magic compass do you choose? Which guide is the one that can save your business?

Do Something Rather Than Nothing

In all honesty, what matters far more than which magic compass you choose, or which guide you hire to lead you, is that you do something with it.

The main difference between those that succeed in business, and those who don’t, is action. Access to the knowledge is just part of the equation. You need to do something with that knowledge. Statistically speaking, 97% of people DO NOT act on the good knowledge given to them. So let me say that again.

Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Can a Small Business Coach Save My Business?

One of the best options for getting out of the darkness is a small business coach. A small business coach, however, cannot save your business. That’s right. No matter how acclaimed or expert they may be, a small business coach CANNOT save your business. Only you, the business owner, can save your business.

What a small business coach CAN do, however, is give you all the right tools and lead you in the right direction. They can hand you a magic compass and even guide you by the hand, but they cannot walk the path for you.

Whether you need to hire an accountant, grow a bigger team, or fire the bad apple on your staff, that is your responsibility as a business owner. Although it may seem daunting, doing these things will ultimately make you a better business owner, and a more capable individual.

This is what it takes to emerge from the darkness of the small business tunnel.

The Light at the End of the Small Business Tunnel – Doug Winnie

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