Motivational Keynote Business Speaker

Motivational Keynote Business Speaker

A Motivational Business Speaker that Inspires

Doug Winnie is a motivational keynote business speaker that inspires, drawing from his own experiences as a business owner and executive business coach. ActionCOACH Doug Winnie educates, entertains, and inspires business professionals on a regular basis. Doug’s presentations are personal, insightful, and best of all, actionable.

Trained by author, world-class entrepreneur, and multi-millionaire Brad Sugars, Doug Winnie has coached hundreds of small business owners, franchise owners, corporate executives, and entrepreneurs to transform their struggling companies into profitable enterprises.

His own story of struggle, success, and wealthy retirement, followed by his second life as a business coach, make his own story as engaging as his presentations. Doug has been previously involved in Computer Hardware & Software, Education, Commercial Real Estate, Restaurant Management, Food Service, Stock Trading, Auto Repair, and more. In addition to his work as a Coach, Doug has also performed extensive work as a Business Consultant, Trouble-Shooter, and Managing Director.

Versatile Keynote Business Speaker

As an experienced keynote business speaker, Doug Winnie has captured the hearts, minds, and imaginations of a wide range of audiences. Corporate executives, frontline employees, and even aspiring high school students, have heard him talk and been empowered.

What’s your biggest struggle? What’s the real issue? Doug leverages his knowledge of people, relationships, business, and development to tailor his motivational public speaking to what your business or enterprise needs most.

Not sure what your employees need to hear? Engage Doug’s services as a business coach and consultant to analyze the health of your business prior to his keynote speech and watch your team’s faces come to life.

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If you’d like award-winning, Action Coach of the Year, Doug Winnie to inspire your staff, motivate your team, or get to the heart of whatever struggle your business is in, let us know. Contact us online, or call (713) 936-3814 today.

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