How to promote great company culture

company culture

You finally did it! After firing your toxic employee, hiring an excellent replacement, and training them, you now have an excellent employee who fits right in. So now you’re probably wondering about company culture.

“What’s the best way to promote it?” Read to see the four best ways to cultivate a healthy company culture.

How is Your Company Culture?

Employees will go the extra mile if they see you’re doing the same for them.

1. Take Care of Your Employeescompany culture

Employees are just as important as any other component of your business. While it’s great your office is working hard, working too hard can cause burnout. If you see someone experiencing burnout, talk to them. See what they’re doing and help them figure out how it can be less stressful. This is also the perfect time to remind them that it’s okay to practice self-care and take breaks.

By taking a few moments with them, you’re not only showing that you care; you’re letting them know it’s okay to slow down a little when they need it. The bonus of this is employees may be more willing to go the extra mile if they see you’re doing the same for them.

Would You Like a Better Company Culture?

Korean Air’s performance got better when pilot and co-pilot were more open with each other.

2. Communication Is Keycompany culture

If you’ve heard this advice a lot before, there’s a reason. Communicating your company culture and values is important for ensuring everyone is using the best business practices. It’s also important because it encourages openness among employees, something that can be beneficial.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers he talks about a turbulent time for Korean Air. In the late 1990’s Korean Air experienced a large number of crashes. When Gladwell researched how the airline improved, he found something astounding.

Pilots and co-pilots at Korean Air worked within a hierarchy. If the co-pilot saw something that needed attention and the pilot didn’t agree, the subject was dropped. Life saving measures couldn’t be taken if the pilot didn’t think they were needed.

Korean Air’s performance got better when they realized that open communication between pilot and co-pilot is the only way to ensure everything is done according to procedure. The co-pilot could now speak up when they needed to.

This open dialog works with any company’s culture. By being open with employees you’re allowing them to not just see how things are done, but comment on the process as well.

Would You Like to Communicate Better?

Problems are fixed better when they’re seen as opportunities to change.

company culture 3. View Problems as Opportunities

No company is perfect. Problems are unavoidable. Instead of stressing over them, take time to dissect the issue and see how the company culture could change for the better. Huffington Post co-founder Arianna Huffington agrees,

“The goal when a crisis hits shouldn’t be just to get through it but instead to come out with a stronger culture than ever before.” The Korean Air situation above is a perfect example of this. They viewed their communication issue as an opportunity to improve and gained valuable insight on how their company culture needed to change.

A lunch provides a more relaxed setting which fosters more openness and sharing.

4. Have Your Teams Lunch TogetherCompany Culture

One of the best ways to foster a great company culture is to have teams lunch together a couple times a month. This allows the team to bond as a whole and ask questions if they need to. Maybe there’s a process they’re confused about, or a project they need another set of eyes on. A lunch provides a more relaxed setting which fosters more openness and sharing. This is also perfect for people who aren’t comfortable meeting in bars outside work but still want to take part.

If you don’t have the budget for a lunch you can make it a pot luck for variety. That way, you can have those meetings more often and people bring a dish that’s within their budget.

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