3 Employee Problems Fixed by Our Houston Training and Development Programs

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Houston training and development programs are not just about perfecting your skill set, but also your workplace interaction. This affects how well you communicate and do business with your team. Below, we list the 3 most common employee problems and how to deal with them. All these skills and so much more can be learned in ouHouston Training and Development Programs. These programs include:

  • Team Building
  • Sales Training
  • Leadership Training
  • and so much more!

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#1 – Not Communicating Well

Poor communication is the biggest problem that businesses face today. It can create a hostile work environment where employees become unwilling to collaborate. Don’t allow poor communication to break up your team.

As the business owner, you should work on creating an environment where your team feels respected and comfortable interacting.

The most important thing to understand is that everyone on your team is different. Each employee has a unique learning style and 1 of 4 unique communication styles, referred to as DISC:

D – Dominant

I – Influence

S – Steady

C – Conscientious

The most extroverted people on your team tend to be Ds and Is, while the more shy team members are Ss or Cs. The more similarities employees’ communication styles share, the easier it is for them to communicate and get along. Ds and Is are drawn to one another due to their fast-paced, outgoing personality. Ss and Cs are more likely to connect due to their calm, quiet nature.

“In social settings, people are drawn to those who are most similar to themselves.”

Get to know your employees one on one (and together!) and learn their communication styles. Have them take a DISC test;

it can be helpful in creating a more welcoming workplace environment and culture. Everyone should understand how their coworkers communicate and how best to connect them. Make sure your employees also have an idea about your behavioral profile, so they can effectively communicate with you.

Houston training and development programs

Don’t just manage your team – lead them. What’s the difference? Leaders help their team members grow and develop, while managers simply manage resources. Above all, have compassion – foster a supportive work environment and you will see all 4 styles able to interact more comfortably. We can help you achieve this through our Houston training and development programs.

Houston training & development programs2 – Us vs. Them Mentality

Another form of employee conflict that many small business owners face is an “us vs. them” mentality between coworkers. With differing communication styles, it can sometimes be easy for outgoing Ds and Is to overpower shy Ss and Cs in a meeting. If this continues for too long, it can breed resentment, leading to an “us vs. them” mentality.

Don’t let your outgoing employees steal the limelight. Your Ss and Cs have a voice and deserve to speak up, too! Take the time to remind all of your employees that they are valuable to the success of your business. Encourage all of your employees to look for opportunities to learn from each other.

“Encourage your employees to learn from each other.”

Houston training and development programs3 – Personality Clashes

Hiring the right behavior styles can help eliminate conflict between employees, but sometimes personality clashes are inevitable. Dealing with these confrontations as soon as they arise can help you avoid a bigger issue down the road. As a business owner, the most important thing is to not ignore these situations.

Encourage your employees to resolve their issues with one another in a professional manner. If all else fails, make it clear: they need to focus on the company’s goals and culture. Ultimately, if they can’t resolve their issues and learn to work together, it may be time to evaluate their place in your company.

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