Does It Really Matter How You Build Your Business?

how you build your business

Making Business Choices that Matter

When determining how to build your business, you might wonder if the order in which you do things really matters.

Does it matter to do one thing before the other? Does it matter to hire a personal assistant before hiring an accountant? Does it matter to have a separate office space, or can you keep working from your house, apartment, or PO Box? Does it matter?

Why Choices Matter

From an outsiders perspective it does, absolutely, matter. The outsider may be your future customer. The outsider may be your future referral partner, your future strategic alliance, and even your future buyer of the business.

2 Small Choices that Make a Big Impact

From the outsider’s perspective, here are two things to do before the other and the reasons why:

  • Get a real office. Do this ASAP, especially before making any significant marketing efforts as your future clients can see your address as PO Box or left off all marketing which will leave “FUD” (fear, uncertainty, and doubt). Because you don’t have a physical address you are clearly a small, and very small, business. It is obvious to the outsider why you don’t have address information on your business card, brochure, and website. Get a small office for $300-$750/month as soon as financially feasible and that FUD element will be removed.
  • Systematize your business before any large hiring push. If you are training new employees, then who is running your business? And if you are running your business, who is training your employees? By systemizing the routine (using videos, photos and documentation) you will save yourself and the rest of the team many hours of time. Saving yourself time means you can and should use that extra time to sell, to expand, to grow your business to be more profitable and less time consuming for the owner.

Does It Really Matter How You Build Your Business?

The answer is yes. There is, unquestionably, a clear “do this before that” when you want to know how to grow your business. This is especially important in order to achieve maximum profitability in the shortest amount of time.

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