Business Coaching for Trades

business coaching for tradies, tradespeople

Business coaching for trades is probably something you never thought you’d consider. Now it’s on your mind daily. Especially since you keep ending your workday later and later. But as you think about things further you wonder,
“Could I use business coaching?”

If you want to know more about business coaching for trades, read on.

Could You use Business Coaching?

You don’t have to be Tim Cook to need business coaching.

It’s Not Just for CEOs Anymorebusiness coaching for tradies, tradespeople

It’s easy to assume you don’t need business coaching. You might think that because you’re a small business owner and a trade, coaching won’t help you. Or maybe you think that because you’re not a bigwig CEO that you don’t deserve it. We disagree. Not only can business coaching help you, but it can also help your business. Below we’re going to go over several ways business coaching can benefit trades like you.

Get Organizedbusiness coaching for tradies, tradespeople

As a trade you have a lot of skills and knowledge. You can go up to any customer or client and help them with what they need. You might even have a sixth sense about it. It comes with many years of experience. But what most trades don’t get experience in is the back-end stuff. In fact, some trades are so comfortable helping customers/clients that they may avoid the office work altogether.

With a business coach, you won’t have to. A business coach can help you get organized and show how to plan your day. That way you can help the customers and complete the office work, too.

Get the Business Advice You Need

Business coaches care about you because you are their business.

Maximize Your Potentialbusiness coaching for tradies, tradespeople

One of the things a business coach can do is help you maximize your potential. Do you want to expand your business? Maybe you have a new idea you’ve been wanting to try out. A business coach can help you with all of that.

Let’s say you want to buy some new equipment for your business. It’s state-of-the-art and everyone in the industry is using it. You’re excited to give it a shot but don’t want to make the expensive purchase until you know for sure. If you went straight to the equipment dealer or financing firm, you’d get a sales pitch. After all, these places are looking to sell. They don’t care if you can’t afford the equipment. All they care about is the sale.

But a business coach cares.

That’s because you are their business. They know that in order to keep you as a client they have to be honest. So if you’re interested in new equipment, a business coach can help you decide if it’s right for you. They’ll take a hard look at your finances and tell you what’s best.

Have a Personal Sounding Boardbusiness coaching for tradies, tradespeople

Imagine this a moment. You’re coming home late, again. You try to wind down from the day but all you get are notices about new jobs. Part of you wants to take a break to relax, but the other, bigger part of you, says to keep going. Keep working. Don’t stop.

When you’re a self-employed trade it can be hard to say no to work.

“What if people think I don’t want to work – or I can’t? If I say no to work now, will that hurt me later on?” These are normal thoughts to have. As your own boss it can be hard to say no. You think saying no now means saying no in the future. But it’s not.

With a business coach, you can talk through all of this. You say what’s on your mind and they can give you an honest opinion. They’ll also show you how to better schedule things so you have time to relax and take a break. It does not matter who you are; we all need a break now and then. With business coaching for trades, you can get that break and more.

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