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Your startup business is going well. You’re starting to get some sizable clients, you might have some investors lined up, and you’re close to finding the perfect office. That’s when a colleague suggests startup business coaching.

“Startup business coaching? Why would I need that?” you ask.

If you have a startup business that wants to perform well, read on to learn why it’s time to consider startup business coaching.

Do You Need a Business Coach?

Spend less time playing catch-up and more time getting the advice you need.

startup business coachingCouldn’t I Just Get a Mentor?

As you let the idea of a business coach sink in, you might be wondering about mentors. Why not just use a mentor? Could they help?

While we’re not saying you shouldn’t, or can’t, use a mentor, there are just some key differences.

The main difference between a mentor and a coach is time. With a mentor, there is generally no set time to meet. You meet with them as needed. Mentors also have their business and lives to live, so there could be times you need them, but they can’t meet up right away.

If the problem you’re dealing with isn’t big, waiting might not be so bad. But if you have a sensitive fire to put out and can’t meet with your mentor right away, would you be okay with waiting?

When you hire a business coach you make a set time to meet with them each week. So instead of waiting until something comes up for you to meet them, you touch base weekly. This not only allows for continued updates but also gives your coach the chance to see how you’re progressing over time.

Also, suppose you hadn’t met with your mentor in a while. Would they have the time to catch up with you? Or would you have to keep things short, so you can tackle the current problem you need help with?

Because you see your business coach each week (or however you schedule your time with them), you won’t waste any time playing catch-up. You can just dive right in to get answers.

Have More Time to Relax

A business coach can help you prioritize and delegate daily tasks.

Startup Business Coaching Defines Your Goalsstartup business coaching

One of the biggest benefits to a business coach is that they can help you define your goals. They’ll sift through your business plan and overall goals to see which ones are worth pursuing, and which ones should be left aside. Plus, they can hold you to them. How?

Each time you meet with them they can ask you how a certain task is going and delve into any bumps in the road you may experience.

Not only that, but they can also help you organize your daily tasks. It’s common for Startup CEOs to put so many tasks on their plate that they can’t complete it all. Worse yet, they feel they must do it all, or that they are the only ones who can.

With a business coach by your side, you can figure out which tasks you need to do, and which ones you can leave to your employees. This frees up your time and your mind so you can focus on what’s important.

Reach Your Goals!

What you say to your business coach will be kept confidential.

startup business coaching Coaches Keep it Confidential

Picture this, you have an employee you need to let go. It’s not because of their lack of effort, it’s just not working out. The talents they possess don’t fit your business. But, every time you think about actually calling them into your office to it, you freeze up. All you can think about is their family, their life, and it emotionally blocks you from doing what needs to be done.

A business coach can sit down with you and help you through this. They can look at the situation objectively and give you the emotional support you need to let the employee go. Most importantly, what you say to your business coach will be kept confidential, so you can be open and honest about your business related fears and hopes.The more honest you are with them, the more honest they can be with you and make your startup dreams a reality.

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