Business Coaching for Independent Operators

independent operators, business coaching

Independent operators. You always wanted to be one of them and now you are! Congratulations! But as you try to settle into a routine you realize it might be time for some business coaching.

“Maybe a business coach can help figure things out.” If you’re an independent operator and wonder if you could use business coaching, read on.

Are You Interested In Business Coaching?

Get renewed focus with a business coach.

Gindependent operators, business coachingain Focus

One of the many things independent operators like yourself may have trouble with is focusing. When you handle everything with your business it’s sometimes hard to see what you should be focusing on. This is where business coaching comes in. A business coach can sit down with you and help you see what tasks are important, and which you can do later. They can also help you structure your day so can fit the important things in.

But most importantly, they can help you with time management. When you work alone and not in a typical office setting it can be hard to charge through tasks. With a business coach, you can find out what’s distracting you so you tune those out.

Define Your Goalsindependent operators, business coaching

Do you have a goal you want to reach? Something you’ve always set for yourself but are unsure if it’s realistic? It’s OK to be unsure. Part of being a new independent operator is admitting that you don’t have all the answers right way. You’ll learn as you go. And one of the things a business coach can do is help you learn what’s a realistic goal.

They will sit down with you and run the goal, why you want to reach it, and how realistic it is. If it’s doable they’ll help you figure out best to reach it. They can also break down larger goals into smaller tasks to make them easier to reach.

Have a Business Expert in Your Corner

Get advice on how to handle your toughest customers.

independent operators, business coachingGet Help With Clients/Customers

Imagine this a moment. A customer comes to you and asks for something to be delivered unrealistically soon. You don’t know it’s not doable but you’re not sure how to phrase it. As you think through the problem you almost wish you were an employee again. Back then things were simpler. If you ran into a problem with a customer you always had a manager to turn to. Someone who’s been through this before and knows exactly what the customer wants to hear. Now, like all independent operators out there, you have figured this out on your own. Or have you?

With a business coach in your corner, you can get advice on how to handle your toughest customers. They can help you with what you’ll say to customers so they’re happy and you’re not trying to complete the impossible. They can also help you set up plan so you handle this in the future.

Have a Personal Sounding Boardindependent operators, business coaching

Going into business alone is not easy. It’s something you always knew on the surface, but now you’re seeing why. There is a lot you’re going to learn as you go. And one of the best things you’ll learn is that business coaches keep things confidential. They do that because they know you need someone to talk to.

“Can’t I just talk to my spouse?”

We’re not saying you can’t. But unless your spouse has gone into business for themselves like you are, they might not be so helpful. It’s not that they aren’t trying; they are. But sometimes it’s best to talk to someone who’s been where you are and knows the business world. A business coach can listen to your concerns and help you through them. Best of all, they can give you confidence.

Suppose you’re working with a difficult customer. They ask for a lot and you do it thinking it’s normal. If you get used to being overworked you might not realize how overworked you are. A business coach can tell you when a customer’s expectations are too much, or when they’re reasonable. They can also tell you when you’re spreading yourself too thin and need to scale back.

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