How to Franchise Your Business

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You’re sitting with your Houston business coach talking about your growth when an idea hits you. “With the way things are going, I could franchise my business!” If you’ve been wondering how to franchise your business and have questions about the best way to start, you’re in luck. Below we have the essential steps on how to franchise your business and how a Houston business coach can help smooth out the process. Are You Ready to Grow Your Brand? Write down everything: from how Read More

How to promote great company culture

company culture

You finally did it! After firing your toxic employee, hiring an excellent replacement, and training them, you now have an excellent employee who fits right in. So now you’re probably wondering about company culture. “What’s the best way to promote it?” Read to see the four best ways to cultivate a healthy company culture. How is Your Company Culture? Employees will go the extra mile if they see you’re doing the same for them. 1. Take Care of Your Employees Employees are Read More

Training Tips From a Business Coach

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You did it! After much consulting, you’ve let go of a toxic employee and hired a stellar replacement. Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s the best way to train them?” Well, look no further. Here are 7 business coach tips on how to train your new employee. Do You Need Training Advice? Think back to your first days. Was there anything you wished was done differently? If so, do it! Business Coach Tip 1: Ask Questions If you own a  business that’s growing Read More

How to Replace Toxic Employees and Hire Good People

Hire Good People

You’ve tried to manage your toxic employee and after some serious consideration, you decided to let them go. Now you’re probably wondering, what’s next? How do I hire good people? Read these six tips on how to hire good people and keep them. Do You Need Help Hiring? HR and managers should be talking to each other constantly. Managers know what needs to be done. HR knows how to find the right people to do it.  1. Work Together Before blasting your job posting on Read More

Letting Go: How to Fire Toxic Employees

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Firing people can be tough. Whatever the reason, don’t feel bad for having a hard time deciding to fire an employee. Some employees are simply toxic, and no matter how much you try to work with them, it doesn’t work out. That’s okay. If you’ve worked hard to improve your toxic team member, but aren’t getting anywhere, it’s time to let them go. Here’s how to do it gracefully. Step 1: Identify and Attempt to Fix When considering if you Read More

How to Identify & Manage Toxic Employees

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There’s a difference between a toxic employee and a difficult employee. Some employees simply need some guidance, would do better in a different position or department, or aren’t aware of their bad behavior. On the other hand, toxic employees are a drain on your team, time, and resources, and need to go in order to keep your workplace healthy and successful. Read on to find out how to tell the difference and what to do about it. Get Valuable Advice Read More

The Value of a Business Coach

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What is business coaching? If you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, then walk with others. This adage continues to resonate from generation to generation and carries with it profound truths, the kernel of what business coaching is all about. So what is business coaching? The etymology of the word “coach” begins from a Hungarian term, kosci, which means “carriage.” In 1830, the word was used in the halls of Oxford to denote a trainer Read More

Should You Franchise Your Business?

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What is a franchise, anyway? A franchise is a type of business license. A franchise business is a business in which the owners, or “franchisors,” sell the rights to their business logo, name, and model to third party retail outlets, owned by independent, third party operators, called “franchisees.” The franchisors determine what products or services will be offered by the franchisees, who must do business under the same name brand, trademark, support, and operating business model as the original business. The franchisee Read More

3 Reasons You Need Small Business Coaching

small business coaching

Small business coaching is a great way to enable your business’s success. It gives you the tools, information, and guidance you need to succeed in any business environment. If you think you don’t need it to succeed, let’s take this moment to think about your business and its goals. You Need Small Business Coaching if… You *think* you have it all under control. You wear many hats. Everyone does just what needs to get done. Does this sound familiar? You Read More

3 Employee Problems Fixed by Our Houston Training and Development Programs

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Houston training and development programs are not just about perfecting your skill set, but also your workplace interaction. This affects how well you communicate and do business with your team. Below, we list the 3 most common employee problems and how to deal with them. All these skills and so much more can be learned in our Houston Training and Development Programs. These programs include: Team Building Sales Training Leadership Training and so much more! If you’re interested in bringing your Read More

Adjusting Your Communication Skills

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Do you have good communication skills? The holidays can be a stressful time for business owners and employees. For one thing, business owners have to ensure that they are sending out a positive message to their clients as well as their employees. As a business owner, you’ll want to leave a lasting good impression, so that people think positively of you during their downtime. Employees tend to leave businesses where they feel undervalued and clients don’t return to companies where Read More

Team Compatibility

collaboration and profits

Team compatibility can influence how well your team creatively solves problems and makes effective decisions. Nevertheless, getting dissimilar individuals to work together can be challenging, but worthwhile. Why? The more effectively your team can collaborate, the better they can meet the needs of your customers and create a delightful customer experience that accelerates your business past your competition. How can you cultivate team compatibility and collaboration? Create and support an environment that accepts new ideas. If you’re too focused on doing things Read More

Communicating Team Support

team support

Does your business cultivate a culture of compassion for your team? When business leaders show their team how much they care, their team feels more confident in following them. Teams need that sense of camaraderie to support the views and beliefs of the business owner/leader. In Jen Sincero’s You are a Badass, she states that “…giving is one of our greatest joys. It’s also one of the most powerful gestures there is.” After experiencing and seeing the effects of Hurricane Read More

Company Culture and Hiring

company culture

When you consider hiring that new employee, it’s important to understand your company culture. Many organizations don’t pay attention to their culture, so it just develops over time. The problem is that the culture that develops may not be one that you, the owner, envisioned. So what can you do to ensure that your company culture is one that reflects your vision? The first step is to define your culture and make sure that you’re hiring individuals that fit the Read More

Creating Impactful Emails

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Did you know that 92% of adults still send emails? Email is not a dead medium. Moreover, email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Social media tends to be too broad because you’re trying to talk to the masses instead of creating a bond with just 1 person. With the built-in personalization of e-mail, the direct connection that you establish with the reader builds more impact and trust. You can also build Read More

Just Leave A Message

leave a message

Recently, I missed a call from a number that I had never seen before. I’m looking at my cell phone and it has that missed call red icon next to the number. That was it. You’re probably wondering what the big deal is about this situation. Well, it’s the fact that the person that called (whoever they were) didn’t leave a message. Of course, I figured it was a telemarketer, but that’s not the point. You have no idea how Read More

Cultural Diversity

cultural diversity

With roughly 1 in 4 individuals within Houston being foreign born, there’s likely to be cultural diversity issues within the workplace. For instance, there is a cowboy culture within Houston that is very unique. These cowboys tend to value hard work, which translates into waking up early and staying up late. Now what do you think would happen if someone from the cowboy culture happened to meet a millennial in the workplace? It’s likely that they’ll have differences in opinions Read More

Overcoming Your Fear

overcoming fear

Is fear standing in the way of your success? After attending the Houston Business Journal’s BizWomen Mentoring Monday event, I learned that sometimes you just have to do things afraid. One of the mentors, Karee Laing, stated that “nothing’s impossible if you try it [and] it isn’t failure if you learned something.” The key to being successful is to overcome your fear and take a leap of faith. To be honest, I fear networking events from time to time. Going Read More

Effective Communication and DISC

words associated with effective communication

Good teamwork tends to require not only effective communication skills, but also dedication to being a team player. Every person on the team needs to be committed to doing their part because that will impact how well the job gets done. My job is to play quarterback, and I’m going to do that the best way I know how, because I owe that to my teammates regardless of who is out there on the field with me. Tom Brady That’s Read More