About Doug Winnie

Beginning at Age 14, I embarked on my first entrepreneurial experience by selling holiday greeting Cards door–‐to–‐door. This early drive for success led me to become a successful business owner, avid private pilot, and an accomplished world traveler, exploring over 25 countries.

I have had the rare privilege to work in a diverse range of businesses from automotive to technology, food service to real estate – and with an equally diverse range of executives!

After experiencing some of the challenges of business, I decided to attend college and earned my degree in Management Information Systems and International Finance. Soon afterward I started my own award winning, rapid-growth company, which grew to over 60 employees with a corporate run-rate of $9 million.

I have been involved in Auto Repair, Food Service, Stock Trading, Education, Commercial Real Estate, Restaurant Management, Computer Hardware I Software / Systems, and even personally flown business clients! I have worked as a Consultant, Coach, Trouble-Shooter and Managing Director.

Having been the owner or manager of multiple successful companies, I understand the challenges, pressures, and pleasures associated with being an executive. As an Executive Coach I assist other managers, executives, and entrepreneurs to consistently obtain the highest results. Focus, vision, confidence, and passion, are all key components we work on to help achieve your goals and aspirations.

Trained by multi-millionaire, world-class entrepreneur and author Brad Sugars, and with the support of ActionCOACH global resources, my Coaching, Training and Development Programs are world class. Having an Executive Coach will be the single most positive investment you will make in yourself.

Are you ready to embark upon a journey to greatly improve your skills and beliefs, your income and your lifestyle – achieving the ambitions and dreams you went into business for in the first place? If so, it’s time to get into ACTION. Call me now to arrange a free diagnostic and together we will explore the possibilities.

Doug Winnie, PMP

Certified Executive & Business Coach

2100 West Loop South 7th Floor

Houston, TX 77027
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About Doug Winnie