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4 Misconceptions About Corporate Sales Training

corporate sales training

No matter whether your sales team is struggling to stay afloat or remaining steady on the right path, corporate sales training is an absolute must. It’s clear that providing your team with the necessary skills in order to effectively sell your products or services is essential – these programs will help you do that. If you value your team and want to boost sales and overall business success, finding a corporate sales training program is the best choice you could Read More

Creating Impactful Emails

sending emails

Did you know that 92% of adults still send emails? Email is not a dead medium. Moreover, email is 40 times more effective in acquiring new customers than social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Social media tends to be too broad because you’re trying to talk to the masses instead of creating a bond with just 1 person. With the built-in personalization of e-mail, the direct connection that you establish with the reader builds more impact and trust. You can also build Read More