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Top 7 Common Misconceptions About Professional Business Coaching

Professional Business Coach - Doug Winnie

Professional Business Coach Every industry has myths. However, these common misconceptions may also hinder you from receiving incredible benefits, especially when it comes to professional business coaches. Our objective is to shed light on the common myths and reveal the truth to you. Common Misconception #1 – I’m doing fine, so I don’t need one. Some people believe if the business is going great then there is no need for a business coach. If this is true, then we are Read More

Why Your Business Needs a Motivational Business Speaker

Motivational Business Speaker - Doug Winnie

Motivational Business Speaker Have you noticed a decrease in moral or energy within your team? Has your team showed a lack of motivation and this is ultimately hurting the company’s bottom line numbers? Lack of motivation is a productivity killer. Often, one employee that is not engaged at work will infect others with this attitude and mindset. We’re sure you are wondering “How do I motivate my team?” The answer is Doug Winnie, the best motivational business speaker in Houston. Read More