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Are You Leading Or Managing Your Business?

Wait, but aren’t these both the same thing? This is what many people believe. However, that is so far from the truth. A manager manages resources, while leaders lead people to grow and develop them as individuals. As a business owner, you will be called to lead every day as you guide the people who follow you to do bigger and greater things, motivate them to better themselves, and help them create a detailed vision of the future to help Read More

December 2014 Growth Club

Thanks to all the successful business owners who attended the December 2014, last quarter business growth club.  This was a  great way to end the year and prepare for next year.   -cl

End of the Year Business Practices

Finally, the end of the year has arrived. As 2014 comes to a close, it is important for business owners to revisit how the year went by analyzing what was accomplished, any areas lacking, and ways to make next year an even better year for the business. If you are pondering these questions, then this means you are a smart entrepreneur who simply wants to become a successful one. We want to guide you into the right direction and give Read More