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The Difference Between Team and Business Coaching

There is a lot of hype on web space about business coaches currently, and this confuses the issue in people’s minds. Team coaching is also being bandied about. Perhaps interest in the latter stems from the thought of a team scoring a goal. Business coaching is about scoring a different kind of success. I decided to write this post to tease out the differences. So What Is Team Coaching Really? Coaching a team is just that. Teaching a bunch of Read More

Time Management: The Key to Effective Working

Time Management Tips

How often do we not let time rule our lives, and prevent us from achieving goals we set ourselves? The lack of it forces us to cut meetings short, drive too fast and forgo those precious hours with the kids we promised them. How many times do we not commit ourselves to implementing time management, and how many quick fixes are forgotten in our bottom drawers? Where Does Time Go? There is an old saying that procrastination is the thief Read More