With Doug Winnie Coaching, You CAN Up Your Game!

Competitive sports men and women would never dream of not having a coach to help and guide them in their fitness, health and training routines. Society as a whole accepts it as the norm for sports people to have coaches so that they perform at their best.

I’m here to show you that as a business coach, I can have exactly the same effect on your work performance as a sports coach can have on a team’s or athlete’s sporting performance.

Small Business Coach

I have extensive experience in small business coaching and business acceleration, and I know I can help you change the dynamics of your business to help it grow and prosper. I will help you hold onto valuable employees, gain new clients, provide better customer service and make your business more profitable.

As with a sports coach, my job is to identify your weak points and strengthen them, as well as to pick out your strengths, and improve on them even more.

Franchise Business Coach

Franchise business coaching can help you establish procedures, policies and business methods to help your franchise run the way YOU want it to. I can help you find the right methodology to make your franchise a successful, smooth-running machine.

Public Speaker

Most people would rather do almost anything than speak in public. I’m not like that! As a professional public speaker, I will speak confidently and knowledgeably on your behalf, keeping your audience engaged throughout my talk.

If you’re looking for a motivating business coach or an engaging public speaker in the Houston area, call me today at (713) 936-3814.